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The Flora & Fauna




Designed to refresh and refine your skin. An exotic pineapple enzyme peel is used to exfoliate and soften skin, revealing a smoother texture, while an antioxidant mask will intensely hydrate and nourish. A cocktail of serums and moisturizers are applied for ultimate hydration. This facial is best suited for dry, dehydrated, or aging skin.



A quick fix for clients who want a revitalized glow! Your skin will be left begging for an everlasting commitment. A gentle yet intense brightening enzyme peel will digest and soften skin cells. Followed by a stimulating, pro-youth 12 flower mask; merging the strength of flower acids for maximum radiance. If you feel your skin is lacking luster, this is the facial with the right ingredients to leave your skin glowing and refreshed.



When breakouts attack, fight back! Detoxify skin while eliminating acne causing bacteria. A yummy papaya enzyme peel will exfoliate and soften skin, while our herbal rosemary basil mask reduces inflammation and balances oil production in problematic skin. Followed by an ingredient rich blemish serum, and finished with a silky smooth, light moisturizer. Includes steam and extractions.



Tantalize your senses with warm aromatic spices in our luxurious pumpkin cleanser. Pumpkin is known to be the highest ingredient source of Vitamin A, along with many beneficial vitamins and phyto-nutrients. Cleansing is followed by a double exfoliation. First, a light polish followed by an antioxidant rich enzyme peel to work against free radical damage. Next an intensive hydration mask is applied to lock in moisture and douse the skin in resveratrol to firm skin tissue. Every product used in this facial delivers anti-aging ingredients within your skin. A face, neck, shoulder, and scalp massage is included to induce ultimate relaxation.


SOOTHE • 50 Minutes $95

Does your skin feel under the weather? This facial is suggested for rosacea prone, sensitive or sensitized skin. Using soothing ingredients, this facial will leave your skin feeling, calm and hydrated, alleviating redness caused by skin conditions. A light Papaya Tangerine enzyme is applied and gently wipes away dead skin cells. A milk mask containing cool peppermint is massaged into the skin to calm irritation. A gentle Mandelic serum is infused into the skin to reduce inflammation immediately before your skin is bathed in moisturizer, followed by a lightweight SPF.

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Waxing Services














Chemical Peels

First, our experts collaborate with you to determine what your skin needs—Then we individualize your peel of choice to reach your skincare goals. We offer Peel Packages and take home products to promote a safe & healthy healing process.


1. Perk Me Up

Progressive $65

Boost your skin using wine extracts and unique mandelic acid that renews, tightens and tones. Great for aging skin that lacks firmness and tone.

features: apple wine, mandelic acid

2. Mandelic Renewal

Progressive Plus $75

This peel strengthens skin, stimulates collagen production, improves hydration, and minimizes skin sensitivities, as well as reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Best suited for aging, dehydrated skin or aged skin with sensitivities.

features: maui peel, mandelic acid, hibiscus

3. Radiance

Progressive $65

Healing rejuvenation for sensitive skin with distended capillaries, prone to redness and irritation through the stimulation of the skin at a cellular level. Best for Rosacea or sensitive skins.

features: bromelain enzyme, hibiscus, mandelic acid

4. Restore Your Youth

Progressive $65

Helps strengthen the skins integrity while reducing acne-type lesions, fine lines, wrinkles and erythema. A great way to treat those hormonal breakouts and Rosacea pigmentation.

features: hibiscus, vitamin A + peptide

5. Brighten Up

Progressive $65

Excellent introduction to peels! Targets pigmentation by creating gentle stimulation, leaving the skin brighter with a smoother texture. Great for mild to moderate pigmented, aged, or photo damaged skin.

features: mint papaya, vitamin A + peptide

6. Skin of Color

Mid-Depth $100

Skin of Color uses the synergy of advanced science and natural ingredients to address issues typically seen in ethnic skins. This corrective peel effectively brightens and evens skin tone, smooths and softens rough texture while protecting the skin against post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

features: mint papaya, mandelic acid, vitamin A + peptide, h202 emulsion

7. Clear Perfection

Progressive $65

Excellent peel to promote light exfoliation, antibacterial and cellular support. Targeted to oily, bacteria-prone skin or skin with acne, including dry acne.

features: bromelain enzyme, sake

8. The Quick Fix

Progressive Plus $75

This peel will aid in the improvement of skin tone, texture and the control of acne while providing antibacterial support. Excessively oily, impacted skin or skin with acne will reap the benefits of this peel.

features: 20% glycolic, salycilic solution

9. Clinically Clear

Mid-Depth $100

This peel will aid in the breakdown of the stratum cells and smooth rough, coarse texture, reduce PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation), improve skin tone and diminish acne scarring for clinically clear skin. Good for all grades of acne as well as thickened and post inflammatory skin types.

features: glycolic, 10% TCA/AHA, sake, Vitamin A + peptide

10. Peel Baby Peel

Post Peel Facial $95

After a Peel your skin can be sensitive, we recommend coming in 1-3 weeks, depending on aggressiveness of the peel, for a Post Peel Facial in our treatment room to soothe, hydrate, and nourish your newly resurfaced skin. After a thorough cleanse we provide a gentle enzyme massage to finish removing those dead skin cells. We then focus on calming the skin by infusing serums and finish with a soothing mask to leave your skin glowing and radiant.

Custom Mid-Depth & Deep Peels

Starting at $100+

Take it a step further and elevate your peel experience in the treatment room for a customized  Mid-Depth or Deep Peel. Consult with one of our skin experts to see what is right for you! We strongly suggest you purchase the products needed for a healthy healing and skin rejuvenation process.