Fall Into Good Health!

We are in the midst of the season of sweets!  The weather gets cooler, the food gets sweeter and more comforting.  The temptations of all the endless holiday parties can be frightening, but don't be spooked, here at Hospitality skin spa we can help you get through the holidays with minimal damage to your health and body.  We have many products and procedures that can help burn fat, control appetite and give that extra boost of will power.  our Nurse Practitioner Jamie Howder will also help put together a fitness and meal plan just for you.  Here are a few tips and tricks to avoid temptation this holiday season.

1. When you're invited to a holiday dinner party If you are afraid you will be  tempted to eat all the treats and unhealthy foods, eat something healthy before you leave the house. You will be less tempted to over eat, or eat the wrong foods if you don't feel ravenously hungry. Instead of focusing on your tummy, focus on meaningful time with your family and friends, making lasting memories and  developing closer bonds this holiday season!

2. Avoid the dessert table - If we can't reach the sweets, we can't put them into our mouths! It seems impossible,  but keeping ourselves busy in another area of the room can keep us out of trouble in the long run. 

3. Fill up on the fruit or veggie tray - At most holiday parties, there's either a plate of veggies or a fruit tray. These whole foods will satisfy our hunger as well as our nutritional needs. Avoid dips with high-fat, they will be harder to burn off.  Eat slowly!  Give your brain time to register that it is full.  Drink A LOT of water!  This will trick your stomach into thinking it's full. All in all don't forget to have fun!!

In life there is balance.  It's OK to splurge once in a while. Just keep it at that, ONCE IN A WHILE!   Happy Holiday's from Hospitality Skin Spa!!

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